Vudoo Runner

Fractalfest Volunteer coordinator / DJ
Psychedelic Techno / Psychedelic Progressive


Vúdoo Runner (a.k.a. Justin Dembski), Volunteer coordinator and key member of The Tribe, is a fractilian dedicated to creating psychedelic music events with the highest standards. Events which spark meaningful changes in the lives of the attendees. As part of the northeast psychedelic trance scene for many years, Justin has the skills and experience to organize with the right mix of foresight and effectiveness. Justin created  Vudoo Productions out of Albany in 2010 to share the passion he has for psychedelic electronic music with his community. Since then, he has moved to NYC and expanded his musical tastes and event production even further. 

As an established psychedelic trance and techno DJ out of New York City who brings an original, energetic sound to the stages of electronic music events. Vúdoo Runner’s music lies where Psychedelic meets Funky and Groovy meets Driving. Using sounds to take your mind on a journey outside the box while keeping your body grooving to the pulses and rhythms on the earth. Working with a diverse array of sounds and pulsating beats, Vúdoo Runner constructs an incredible experience for people who love to dance.