Fractaltribe is a community of artists, musicians & organizers dedicated to creating meaningful experiences & immersive atmospheres; celebrations which foster creative expression in a healthy and supportive environment through the vessel of music and culture.


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The story of Fractaltribe began in the summer of 2008 with an intimate gathering in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. A small group of friends carried a generator and speaker cabinets up a logging trail into a small clearing in the forest and prepared the ground for dancing bodies. Without the aid of developed social media, the word went out to some friends about a party in the woods. About 200 of us carried on through the night and into the morning. As the sun broke the horizon, we knew that things would be different...

An initially short-sighted plan for a run of follow-up shows developed into a collective dream and long term vision for an organization that would stimulate community growth and widespread passion for all things quality and exceptional. The Tribe grew with each event, introducing new and unique talents to the collective creative engine. The growth was evident in attendance as well. Our run of Subculture events at Club Therapy began with an inaugural 300-person crowd and within two years we were managing a 1200-person 4-stage indoor festival on 10-10-10. We would later realize that the opportunity to facilitate large groups of people as a team would prove a vital learning experience for the nurturing of our organic growth.

In 2011, we were given the honor of hosting Therapy's closing event, on 11-11-11. This bittersweet ending would spark a search for a new home for these gatherings, and fuel a thirst for bringing this experience back to the outdoors. The search for an indoor space yielded fruit in early 2012, when the core of the team found a warehouse in Worcester, Massachusetts to setup operations and host meetings. With the surfacing of the Fractal Factory came introductions to a small community of artisans and craftsmen who shared a similar vision and were eager to contribute to future gatherings. the 6000 square foot storage space was emptied and christened with dancing bodies within 2 months.

After a few successful runs in the Fractal Factory, each yielding its own unique challenges, puzzles and victories, we were ready to organize our first professional outdoor gathering. Fractal Fest 2013 took place on a very special piece of land in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont not far from the Canadian border. We taught ourselves how to organize parking, camping, power and water distribution, along with assessing health concerns and survival necessities in isolated locations. This inception into the realm of festival organizing was a powerful moment in our history. This was the moment we joined ranks with a worldwide movement merging technology and nature while simultaneously seeking to find balance with modern culture.

2014 was a banner year for Fractaltribe. Three indoor Factory shows and the 2014 edition of Fractalfest offered significant challenges across the board, but also granted us global recognition. With such an intense workload, the team bonded and congealed, providing a more streamlined workflow. The year came to a close with our first ever New Year's event; an extravaganza that had the Fractal Factory busting at the seams with elated bodies reveling in the glow of the traditional symbolic transition into a new era.

As this new era came to be, little did we know how important this year, 2015, would be for us. As of writing, we have set our sets high and have already completed 2 indoor events and our 4th annual Fractalfest. After our NYE event, we decided to keep the flow going with our return to .:Therapy in Providence for Flibbersqorkle. The summer has been extremely exciting, starting with Prelude at the Factory on 6.20.15. Fractalfest this year has presented us with new challenges and possibilities as we moved from Fractal Mountain to Fractal Forest in Upstate NY, centrally located and with larger capacity. With this growth, our team stepped up and created an event as comprehensive as ever, our most successful weekend to date. We decided with the momentum gained, to reach further than ever before and bring personal favorites and legends to the Fractal Factory for Fractaltribe presents Extrawelt, on 9.25.15. To finish the year, we decided to host our second annual New Years Eve event, Spiral Future, which again is featuring a lineup fully comprised of Tribefolk, celebrating the new year with family and friends.

2016 was a year of laser focus on production of our fourth Fractalfest, which featured an expansion to two main stages of equal production value. 

In 2017, we returned to host two new indoor warehouse events at a brand new location in Massachusetts. On 1.26.17 we hosted the legendary Swedish act Logic Bomb. In a show of tribe perseverance, we announced, organized and sold out the event in less than a week while navigating the obstacles of hosting an event in a brand new location. Scorp Glorp, our second indoor gathering was on 4.29.17 featured another legend, S-Range and kept the momentum moving. Fractaltribe reached new heights with the successful execution of our fifth successive Fractalfest in Stephentown NY. With a slew of renown international artists and the addition of a fourth day, proper chillout stage, full workshop schedule, and focus on interactivity, the push for innovation continues to set the pace for evolution. 


Where do we hope to go from here? The future is an elusive concept, but we all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. There are a few fields in which we can acknowledge that there is a common unified vision for what we hope will be...

  • Many of us have experienced the struggle of testing the limitations of mind and body, later to find the undeniable benefits of moderation and health-conscious conduct. We wish to incite responsible and healthy party behavior through leading by example.
  • We have all experienced music and food that made our brains and bodies hurt. We hope to activate a passion for quality.
  • Creativity is a powerful force and needs an outlet. Our future gatherings and efforts will offer a platform for creative minds to thrive.
  • The dance experience is the anomaly that brought us together in the first place. We will continue to improve the platform on which we present our version of this phenomenon.
  • While concerned for the state of the world, we are all aware that the most effective impact we can make is through personal growth. We strive to encourage a focus on self-development.
  • We are in the business of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with dance gatherings and community efforts. We endeavor to inspire the world around us by demonstrating what is achievable with community dedication, passion and creativity.


We here at Fractaltribe strive to make a real impact in the lives of our attendees by infusing each event with the highest quality ingredients, prepared by the highest calibre people. We feel that through thoughtful preparation, mindful execution and community engagement, we are able to make a tangible difference. Here is some feedback from our community...

The sound quality was out of this world good, and I really enjoyed how each space was laid out, decorated, and utilized. The secret tea party was a real treat, too!
— Michelle Labrecque
Feeding people is so important at big parties such as Extrawelt. You didn’t have to do that, but you did. It makes guests feel welcomed and keeps everyone healthy all night long! Also along those lines is having a chill room and a tea room so people can rest!
— Gaia
It’s reassuring that the best parts of the old-school rave scene still thrive
— Bob
Its so much different from any kind of event around here, combined with all the homies.. Pure magic!!
— Kaila Kitsune
I didn’t see anyone who seemed to be intoxicated, I absolutely loved the free water refill stations (more event organizers need to do this, it should be a standard), the sound and visuals were absolutely ON POINT. The UV painted dancers were quite a nice addition, I didn’t notice them until about 2 hours in after I arrived. I didn’t get to experience the tea room much, but I think that was by far one of the most innovative and creative things I’ve seen in 6 years of being an event attendee / fellow event organizer.
— Wil Swartzel