Fractalfest 2017
July 27-30


Grassy Knoll Stage
Woods Stage
Chill Dome
Fractalfest 2017 | Double Exposure Promo

A 4-day weekend with a myriad of adventures is approaching; come prepared with your "choose your own adventure" guide. Reflect with us. Dance with us. Discover yourself this summer. #FractalFest2017 This is just a taste...A whole smorgasbord of delicacies await. ——————— Credits Music | “What you left behind” | Woulg Directed & Cut | Hayley Carloni Shot | Kyle Fractaltribe Written | Tanvi Tandon Drone footage | Synthetic Fractilian Starring | The Faces of Fractaltribe

Credits Music | “What you left behind” | Woulg Directed & Cut | Hayley Carloni Shot | Kyle Fractaltribe Written | Tanvi Tandon Drone footage | Synthetic Fractilian Starring | The Faces of Fractaltribe

Design by Hayley Carloni

The Concept: Reflections

A reflection on reflections

Our world is made up of reflections. We see a likeness of ourselves in all that we observe. Because everything our senses interact with sends something back, we exist in a state of never ending feedback from our environment.

Perhaps you'll agree, the most alluring reflection lies in our relationships with each other. The Mayans would use the greeting "you are another myself", which is a strong indication that seeing others as mirrors is not a new idea.

In our journey to develop a relationship with ourselves, we piece together reflections of our interactions with others to form a cohesive self image. The ironic reality is that we build this self image out of distortions, as even a mirror image is backwards.

Our intention with this fifth installment of Fractal Fest is to create a moment in which we can perceive these reflections as something not separate from ourselves. From this moment we hope you are able to take with you something of substance: a new friend, a new passion, a new perspective, something for your brain to chew on.

Moments such as these can only be created with your help. Come prepared to shine, and to be greeted by shiny beings. Join the dance through the hallway of mirrors.

The Intent

Fractalfest is an immersive 4 day 3 night event organized by the Fractaltribe crew. The goal is to create an atmosphere which promotes interactivity and exploring new experiences. The heartbeat of the festival changes per attendee, which is why utmost attention to detail is executed integrating the realms of sound, art & community. Various stylings of carefully selected electronic music are featured across 2 custom built stages with new designs along with multiple art galleries, installations & custom deco to support the theme, "Reflections". Community is an important aspect to us, slow growth to maintain a populace that exhibits self expression while maintaining respect for themselves and all others. In a world where many of us are alone, our hope is to foster a community which looks after one another here and at home.

Set in the woods of upstate NY, the atmosphere is carefully sculpted to work in unision with the natural features of the land. The area is carefully manicured for barefoot safety with shaded camping. A winding river adds to the beauty, cutting through the middle of the land.

Each year we try to implement ideas into the fabric of our events; ideas which can inspire all those in attendance to think differently than what is the norm. Many opportunities arise which challenge our laurels; we intend on standing by our beliefs in order to maintain a certain event quality. To promote awareness of our own individual consumption, FF17 is once again a Leave No Trace event. Our goal is to create a space in which one feels comfortable avoiding the irrisponsible overconsumption of intoxicants which plagues the music culture in the United States. We provide multiple areas which support relaxation and calmness to contrast with the stimulating and energetic nature of a festival.

The Atmosphere


  • 4 Days & 3 Nights
  • Fractaltribe Custom Stage Designs
  • International & Regional Headliners
  • Ample Wooded Camping
  • Themed Deco
  • Leave No Trace Event
  • Fractal Quest
  • Barefoot Friendly Dance Floors
  • Food & Craft Vending
  • Parking included. RV Parking Available
  • Naked Trust Falls

Areas of Focus:

  • Woods Stage
  • Grassy Knoll Stage
  • Fractal Fine Art Gallery
  • Avant-Gardens Chillout Space
  • Ample Wooded Camping
  • Synesthesia Art Gallery
  • Art Installation Field
  • Full Workshop Lineup
  • Presentations
  • Tea Lounge
  • Family Area
  • Theatric Performances
  • Communal Bonfire