Fractaltribe presents Year of the Fractilian NYE Gathering
Fractal Factory, Worcester, MA, USA
December 31, 2014 9pm-9am

Recap of Fractaltribe presents Year of the Fractilian New Years Eve 2014 at the Fractal Factory by Dave Palmacci of Venue Monsters.

A 12 hr NYE semi-formal (#weirdproper ) black tie masquerade odyssey.
The Theme
*Black tie/weird formal/dress to weird out
*A mask that accurately reflects your inner strangeling
The Concept
A New Years celebration for weird people, by weird people. An underground #weirdproper spectacle of inter-dimensional proportions featuring a deep creative melting pot oozing our collective brain matter over the sides.
The Intention
Our goal is to summon the strangest creatures in all the land to work together in order to create an inspiring experience that surpasses the personal benefit of a traditional New Years resolution, because we are nonconformists and we deserve better than normal!
DJ's featuring (in alphabetical order):

Artemis (breaks)
Carol Ferraz (techno/tech house)
Digital Vagabond (dubstep/dnb)
DJ Dex
Diwrecked (psytechno)
Dryad (forest psytrance)
Eelko (techno)
Icaro (dubtronica)
Ju Lee (techno)
Keith Mattar (psytechno)
Leo Fractaltribe (dark psytrance)
Lunecell (progressive psytrance)
Mayur (retro progressive)
Meszenjah (jungle/dnb)
Ondrase (retro morning psytrance)
Pr0n (liquid dnb)
Subcreature (dub)
Spiryll (ambien/IDM)
Terraphorm (deep dubstep)
Vudoo Runner (progressive techno)

Levitation Theory 
Theresa Silver 
Lane Mccabe 
Live art: 

Martin Bridge
Mary Murph
Chase Hanna
Art of Sam Farrand
Spectral Sanctuary
Special New Years Midnight Celebration
Megha Amira (stilt costume)
2 rooms of sound by Sonic Beating
Decorations and midnight sensory overload provided by Fractaltribe 
The highest calibre new years celebratory atmosphere provided by YOU