Fractaltribe presents: Spiral Future NYE 2015

A #WeirdProper Event (wear your weirdest "proper" clothing)

Photos by Kyle Rober

Design by Supersillyus

Design by  Supersillyus

Design by Supersillyus


This event is a very special one for us after an absolutely insane year for each and every member of the tribe & all of our extended community. It is the transition of era's, it is the transition of existences. We have had many successes this year and have had many hardships. A year of grief after the passing of many loved ones, it's impossible to not go into this heavy hearted. This event is the ode to all of us who want to honor these losses while celebrating the lives of all we share space with. It is our continuation of life with the intention to live fully and most genuinely possible. To live live with full invigoration and will to be the best we can be. To honor those who are not here by improving our core selves on day at a time. Taking life slowly and turning our attention inward to focus on self improvement and understanding that this change in focus will create ripple effects which will change the way we experience our every day reality. Take some time to self reflect and come join us this New Years Eve with a new appreciation for life. Bring your thoughts to share with the tribe, together we are strong, together we can make a better world spiraling one moment into the future at a time.

The Concept

It's the dawn of a new year once again in a blink of an eye and 2015 is gone. We twist and turn our way into the year 2016. The unavoidable march forward which brings us to face the outcomes of our past actions. We bring in the new year with a clean slate; a renewed mentality. We've been beaten and battered, not without our victories...Time to step into the vortex of the future and begin anew. Bring your hopes & bring your wishes. Bring those bright eyes full of anticipation for a new year full of possibilities. We are in the Spiral of Life. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Time flows forward into the future, a continuation of Now. We will be be hurtling through the new year with smiles, family, friends, food, music, tea, and feeling the spectacle. How will you dance through this eternal vortex of moments? 

What is Spiral future?

Spiral Future NYE 2015 is an all night psychedelic WeirdProper electronic music event in a secret warehouse location. We focus on community participation and aim to create a comfortable vibe which promotes a healthy outlook on nightlife. We discourage alcoholic consumption and shitty/shady attitudes, leave both at home with you and come with an open mind to cleanly celebrate a new year. To strengthen our support of healthy partying, we are hosting another pot luck to serve as natural energy throughout the night, please bring a dish of healthy food or snacks to share with the the others in attendance. We are also collaborating with the Inner Space Pirates Teahouse of Infinite Compassion to provide tea for the attendees all night (and morning). We suggest finding them and hanging for a bit there, it's a great place to relax and meet cool and interesting people. Furthermore, we will be offering opening and closing yoga sessions for those who want to stretch out or center themselves before/after the celebrations.

In terms of music, we will be hosting 2 rooms of amplified audio featuring a lineup entirely consisting of Fractaltribe family.  One room will feature many varieties of psychedelic trance and techno, organized with a flow to compliment the time of the night/day. The other room will feature a variety of breaks, dub, downtempo, chillout, techno, & deep dubstep. We will once again create dynamic immersive atmospheres with a variety of decoration to compliment the audio aspect of the event. If you have any art installations you'd like to see at this event, any performance skills, or any other ideas to create a special moment, you are invited to contact to share your thoughts.

Like last year, we expect a large attendance. For this reason we will be limiting the amount of tickets available to maintain a comfortable space throughout the night. It is important that you secure your ticket before you arrive as entry will not be possible without it; tickets will *not* be available at the door. This helps us also maintain a high vibe as it promotes a respectful social etiquette since everybody will have read what to expect.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and respect the atmosphere we are trying to pursue.

The Fractal Tribe.

Pot Luck Championship

>>> Fuel your bellies with Food of the Future! Fractaltribe NYE Potluck 2015...! Here's what you need to know <<<

**Potluck Championship runs 9-11pm (right after yoga!) You may come anytime after 8 o'clock to set up. You may still bring food if you arrive afterwards for all to enjoy throughout the night as the general potluck lasts all night.

**Theme: Futuristic!

**Prepare your INFO Card: Every participant will receive a placecard, provided by Fractaltribe the night of the party. You will write down the dish name, ALL ingredients in your creative concoction (remember, we are sensitive to allergies!), and your dish #.

**EVERYONE WILL VOTE FOR THEIR TOP 2 FAVORITE DISHES. Categories to win: Best tasting & the WOW FACTOR. The 2 winners will be announced on FB following the event.

**Storage is limited. Think carry in/carry out. *Bonus points to bring your own utensils* [contact Aliza Keren for more info].

**Food~and~voting for your favorite food will be available throughout the night. (And drinks will be provided.)

To encourage a heart healthy environment we encourage heart healthy foods!!

oh. p.s. 1st place in each category gets a ticket to Fractalfest... GOODLUCK!! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!!

Opening & Closing Yoga w. Hannah Tosi & Noel Weatherbee

Opening Yoga
We embark into the spiral with opening yoga at 8 PM in the Gallery. This hour-long movement meditation will be as much ceremony as class. As the last nightfall of 2015 overtakes us, as a tribe we will turn our attentions inwards to induce a state of deep consciousness on an individual and communal level so that we can be centered inside the vortex. We will use breath, gently held postures, and slow flowing movement to create an inner awareness that can act as a tether in whatever flows towards us in the spiraling ocean of life. In our static poses we will claim our right to find solid ground, and let our intention take up space in the coming year. As we flow, we will explore the ability to release into movement, letting go of the past year so we can step into the next one unencumbered. The practice will be led by Hannah Tosi, with energetic assists provided by Noël Weatherbee.

Closing Yoga
As earth turns us towards 2016’s first sunrise and our night of revelry inevitably winds to a close, we will gather to greet the year with the ancient practice of yoga at 8 AM in the Gallery. This first day of the year is the seed of potential for the rest to come and therefore it is a powerful time to cultivate inner focus and set intentions. With our awareness already expanded by the Fractilian experience, we will use yoga to sink deeper into balance with gentle, calming postures that can be modified to be relevant for your experience. Slow movement and breath will release our dancing and smiling muscles so that we can bring our vessels for the human experience back to earth with an updated set of instructions from the deeper self for a balanced new year. The practice will be led by Hannah Tosi, with energetic assists provided by Noël Weatherbee.

The Music: Presented by The Fractal Tribe

Aaron Fractaltribe (Twilight Psytrance)

Andy (Downtempo)

Andres (Retro Morning Progressive)

Anya (Dark Psytrance)

Bobert (Sunlight Sillyness)

Diana (Psybreaks)

Jamie Holetribe (Dark Techno)

Julie (Morning Techno)

Kalomo (Alien Darkpsy)

Leo Fractaltribe (Night Psy)

Rob Fractaltribe (Hypnotic Techno)

Dave (Techno)

Evan (Drum & Bass)

Justin (Groovy Progressive)

Keith Matter (Fullon Psytrance)

Mogwai (Deep Dark Dubstep)

Tovia (Deep Minimal Dubstep)

Antonas (PsyChill)

Visual Artists

Jeff Mission

Theresa Silver

Levitation Theory

VJ Adrenochrome

Wizard Eyes Visuals