Fractaltribe presents: Prelude.

Photos by Andrey Trofimov

::::The official Fractalfest 2015 pre-gathering & re-initiation::::

Saturday, June 20, 2015
9pm - 6am
Secret Warehouse Location, Worcester, MA

**Presales only. No entry without ticket. No alcohol**
~Physical Fractalfest tickets will be available~

After months of uncertainty & doubt over the future of the Fractal Factory; patience and careful steps have made the Fractilians emerge victorious in their quest to reclaim the kingdom. 

We welcome you to the grand reopening of The Fractal Factory. Come home and celebrate the solstice with an impromptu gathering before Fractalfest. We have curated an outstanding musical evening with some amazing international & regional musicians as well as seasoned local veterans, and some Fractaltribe family. 

We have been rewarded with this beautiful space we call home. With a community of amazing people, we've all grown and created something special to which we are all a part of. Whether each of our roles is large or small does not matter, it is that we give selflessly and support one another. It is to inspire each other to improve our foundations. It is to help each other to make positive changes within ourselves.
This is the first act for which we must make our foundations.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

::::The Concept::::

Prelude is the opening stanza in a musical score. Prelude is the opening stanza in the Fractalfest 2015 journey. Prelude is an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

Before every great journey comes a period of preparation. Prelude exists to prepare your eyes, ears, minds, hearts, taste buds, nostrils, and all the subtleties that are not consciously perceived for the main quest that is Fractalfest.

We invite you back to our humble fractilian abode after a 6 month interlude. Come help us compose the next verse of the fractal song.

::::The Intent::::

Our intent is to adequately prepare you for the journey of creative growth and self appreciation.
To inspire you to inspire others. To inspire others to inspire you. To empower us all to make choices we will thank ourselves for.
To jumpstart your creative process by bringing together all sorts of creative minds. 
We are all artists and creators whether we see it that way or not, it's up to each of us to settle into our own roles and find how we can serve each other to create a better world and keep positive movement flowing.

::::The Music:::

DJ Rikam (Eclipse/TechSafari Records, Montreal) Psytrance -->
Dr. Strangefunk *LIVE (Zenon Records // TechSafari Records, Montreal) Psytrance -->
ManipulatioN *LIVE (Kinematic, Portugal/MA) Psytrance -->
Radioactive Sandwich *LIVE -- 2 sets (TechSafari, NY) Psydub -->
Cirrus *LIVE (Terra Null Recordings, MA) Liquid DnB -->
Levitation Theory *LIVE (Fractaltribe, CT) Downtempo -->
Jeff Mission (Sonic Beating/Circle, MA) Techno/House -->
dontnormally (Cathouse, MA) Minimal -->
Icaro *LIVE (Fractaltribe, MA) Psydub -->
Aaron Fractaltribe (Fractaltribe, MA) Progressive Psy -->
Robert Fractaltribe VS Vudoo Runner (Fractaltribe, MA) Minimal/Techno -->

Dr. Strangefunk (Zenon Records / TechSafari Records)
Montreal, Canada

Radioactive Sandwich (TechSafari Records)
Philly & NYC
2 sets Psydub

Manipulation (Kinematic Records)
Boston, MA

Aaron Fractaltribe (Fractaltribe / Kinematic Records)
Worcester, MA
Progressive Psy

Rob Fractaltribe (Fractaltribe)
Worcester, MA
Psychedelic Techno

Cirrus (Terra Null Recordings)
Boston, MA
Liquid DNB

Jeff Mission (Sonic Beating / Circle)
Boston, MA

Icaro (Fractaltribe)
Boston, MA
Live Psydub

Vudoo Runner (Fractaltribe)
Manhattan, NYC
Psychedelic Techno

Levitation Theory (Fractaltribe)
Live Downtempo

Dontnormally (Cathouse / Retarded Lions)
Boston, MA

::::The Atmosphere::::

*****this is an alcohol free event****
no alcohol can be brought on the premises

Live painting By:
Kai Griffiths Art

Tea Vibes by Inner-Space Pirates Tea-House of Infinite Compassion &Bajrang Herbal Tea
Pot Luck
Breakfast served by the Fractilians
Surprises & giveaways

Sound by Sonic Beating
Deco/Atmospere by Fractaltribe
Flier Design: Lunecell