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Photo Gallery - Adrian Feliciano

Design by  Hayley Carloni

Design by Hayley Carloni

The Venue

Fractal Factory, Worcester, mA, USA

(Purchase pre-sale ticket to acquire location, location will not be publicly announced)

The Concept

After 7 years of hosting events concocted with the best ingredients we can source, we have gained a sense of recognition for elements that are truly special. For our next and final event of 2015, we have been afforded the privilege to host one such element, a legendary live hardware duo from Germany that has been making a significant impact on ears and minds since 1998.

With the magnitude of respect that our team has for this music and also the people who have supported us along the way to help bring us to the point where we are able to provide this level of magic, our passion and drive are at maximum capacity to make this our most memorable indoor gathering yet!

The Intent

*To bring together the highest quality music to expand our horizons on the vast possibilities of audible creations.
*To provide you with an experience that exceeds our standards of detail, immersiveness and fun

The Atmosphere

*2 all night rooms of sound
*3 international music acts
*Chillout Area
*Live Art
*Fractaltribe Decor
*Presale Only
*Last Fractaltribe event of 2015
*Meditative Opening & Sunrise Yoga Closing Ceremony led by Denise Porter Kemp with Hannah Tosi
*Secret Tea Party within the party by Inner Space Pirates Tea House of Infinite Compassion

Opening Yoga w. Hannah Tosi & Denise Porter Kemp

Opening Yoga w. Hannah Tosi & Denise Porter Kemp

We open Extrawelt with a yoga and meditation ceremony. Centering ourselves by tapping into the internal pulse present for us as individuals and as a community. Through deep breath, gentle held physical postures, and creative visualization our awareness may expand into whatever is present. Creating a receptive yet defined space within our own bodies so that we may fully sink into the sensationally engineered night ahead. We will end by linking our breaths and imaginations as one, emerging as a community ready to relax into playful celebration.

Sunrise Yoga w. Denise Porter Kemp & Hannah Tosi

Sunrise Yoga w. Denise Porter Kemp & Hannah Tosi

Meditative Sunrise Yoga Closing Ceremony led by Denise Porter Kemp with Hannah Tosi
Spiral out of the Fractaltribe wormhole Saturday morning with a slow flow meditative vinyasa yoga practice integrating all we have experienced during the depths of the night into the light of the sunrise streaming through the windows of the fractal warehouse and into the windows of our own eyes, sealing inside each of us what we have more fully become together and helping us carry this back with us into the rest of our lives. Complete with some Thai massage exchange and simple therapeutic acro partner flying depending upon who is there and the interest level.
We will have some mats, feel free to bring your own too.

The practice will be gentle and adaptable to most anyone.

The Rules

1. Have fun.
2. Respect yourself, each other and the guidelines we have set in place to protect our home
3. Follow the parking directions sent to your email (presale buyers only). If you are a return Fractal Factory attendee, do not assume you know where to park as some parking details have changed. Check your email.
4. Do not come with the intention to test or push your body's boundaries. Obvious signs of intoxication are grounds for removal without refund. If you are found in a state where you are negatively affecting other's experience, you will be confronted, and potentially blacklisted.

The Music


9:00-10:00pm Tribal Acoustic Jam
10:00-11:00 Omling
11:00-12:00 Vano
12:00-1:30 Ben Rama
1:30-3:00 Extrawelt
3:00-4:30 Zentrix
4:30-6:30 Luis Campos
6:30-7:30 Mayur
7:30-9am Shapeshifting Fractilian Synthony

9:00-10:00 Opening Yoga led by Hannah Tosi
10:00-12:00 Loeki
12:00-1:30 illdub
1:30-3:30 dabu
3:30-5:00 Fig
5:00-7:00 Jeff Mission
7:00-8:00 Meditative Sunrise Yoga Closing
Ceremony led by Denise Porter Kemp

P sychedelic Techno

Psychedelic Techno

Hypnotic Progressive Techno

Hypnotic Progressive Techno

P sytrance


Illdub (Fractaltribe)

Zentrix (Zenon Records)
Montreal, Canada

P sytech


Mayur  (Fractaltribe)

Progressive Psy

Progressive Psy