Metafish (FRACTALTRIBE, Moonbutton, MA)



"Meta- greek prefix meaning Beyond or After" 
Once a jellyfish floating around the sea of existence while trying to find meaning, only to transcend beyond, to a metafish swimming through the unfolding waves of Love. 
Metafish, AKA Evan Hashim, found Fractaltribe in 2010. In a single night of music, dancing, and visual art his life took form in totally unforeseen ways. 
Now, years later after all this self discovery, his music project has evolved into a blend of smooth psychedelic downtempo, ambient and dubby bass, creating a beautiful atmosphere to relax and dance in. 
With passions beyond music including writing, constant learning, and doing his part to move towards a world community, he invites one and all to join in a celebration of life.

A monthly event featuring music and an evolving, participant-driven story; an interactive art

project hosted every fourth Wednesday at Zuzu's in Central Sq