Supersillyus (Street Ritual // Outer Space)

Producer, Intergalactic Cosmonautical Explorator Extraordinaire


Supersillyus *Live* @ Fractalfest 2016, Upstate NY

Supersillyus *Live* @ Fractalfest 2016, Upstate NY

All I’m trying to say is a peacock without its feathers ain’t nothing but a turkey. I ain’t no turkey.
— Rob Uslan

Supersillyus is a musician and producer based in Colorado. He has been tickling minds with his brand of psychedelic electronic music since 2008. His extensively layered soundscapes feature instrumentation ranging from tribal drums, swirling synths, to the occasional marimba solo.

Garnering MuchRespect™ for his recent album release "Charade" in April 2016, Supersillyus has yet to cease evolving sounds. His recent album, Interabang, has been downloaded over 11,000 times in under a month, and featured on Ektoplazm, the premier source for psy-trance, techno, and down-tempo music. Supersillyus has shared the stage with luminaries like Tipper, Hallucinogen, and Ott and showcased at festivals across the US and Canada including The Big Up (Ghent, NY), Rootwire (OH), Gratifly (SC) and Open Mind (CA).

In October 2012 Uslan debuted Supersillyus Life Band, a supergroup featuring Rory Dolan (of lespecial), Michael McCarthy (of Wobblesauce), and Luke Bemand (of lespecial).





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