Meszenjah (Jungle/DNB) // OmOlak (Dark Psytrance)

Awake Productions . Love Tribe . Radial Engine Tribe

If you ever walk into a room and your senses are tingling from an alluring aroma, a warm golden earthy smell with a bit of a kick, chances are its Omolak. He is one of the most senior members of any electronic music organization, having started mixing on turntables in 1993. He joined up with Fractaltribe years ago, presumably in a time not able to be accurately comprehended from the human species. Time has proven no match for this alien’s drive to spread music to the root community in the northeast, gigging virtually every week as either Omolak or as Meszenjah (his jungle/DnB project), being booked equally because of his music and his fine scent. His sets are the type of cerebral dark psy that will change the perspective of any naysayer. Dipping his fingers in all sorts of sounds, Kalomo is a pioneer of the CT electronic music scene as a founder of Awake Productions and is an active member of many organizations including Fractaltribe, Radial Engine Tribe, Threshold Sound, & Love Tribe.

As a visionary artist, Kalomo molds his visual artwork through his experiences with the human psyche, and his concepts on perception of this world, with science fiction and “futuristic Egyptian” influences. His connection to other realms shows through the information and languages transmitted through his art, focusing on the emotion of “love”, bringing clean and pure images as well as a calm and secure mind state to all those who experience his work.
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Upcoming Gigs:
2016.7.22 | DJ & Deco | Hydrotechnics Festival - Echo Lake NY