Inner-Space Pirates Tea House of Infinite Compassion

Tea Lounge at Winter Warming

The Inner Space Pirates are tea marauders who pillage events with bouts of warm and steamy infused liquids. They create comfortable home spaces on-the-go. Transformed environments designed to allow meaningful conversations and connections with other folk. They always offer free teas along with unique premium blends that are all crafted by the pirates own hands. With the drinkers' utmost health in mind, ambiance sets the mood to melt into a singular mind, the mind of the herb, the mind of the flower, the mind of the tea master's master plan. Come sit on a pillow and let the Inner-Space Pirates bombard you with their freshly-steeped goodness while you release a wild bout of compassion upon your comrades. The Tea Pirates succeed again!

The Inner Space Pirates Tea House of Infinite Compassion creates safe and sacred spaces at events and festivals. We provide nourishing teas, ceremony, workshops, discussion, and the occasional light-hearted scurvy escapades.




¸¸.•*´An inner-stellar craft powered by love and chaos, crewed by a gang of rowdy miscreants whose soul purpose is to serve tea, and snatch booty! `*•.¸¸

Events & Setups

Winter Warming @ The Shop 1.22.2016

Fractaltribe presents Extrawelt 9.25.2016

May Day Hey Day 2015

Fractaltribe presents Spiral Future NYE'15

Fractaltribe presents Fractalfest 7.31.2015


The Tea Pirates are a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about creating comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing tea lounges to facilitate clean-minded bonding experiences. They offer a  compassion-centric place to relax and re-center oneself during events, with full tea service to balance over-stimulating festival and event settings. They bring unique tea lounge designs to maximize impact at each event, traveling to location and creates the atmosphere, and plays host to the tea lounge experience. Each lounge is guaranteed to be unique, thought out, and a one of a kind with a warm feeling.


I love that we bring consciousness into events, encouraging attendees to practice self-care. People very often come up and thank me for the tea, the chill space, or the conversation - saying it is exactly what they needed. Even outside of these events, people have recognized me as being from the teahouse and expressed their gratitude. That’s what keeps me going. It’s a lot of work, but those moments remind me why we do what we do and make it all worth it. We also have a lot of laughs!! The crew is like family and these events help create lasting memories and smiles. I love when the dome becomes filled with the healing vibrations of instruments and voices. I’ll never forget when we all went swimming in waterfalls in Vermont, and our roadtrip to North Carolina! My favorite tea is the truth serum, of course. Blended like bliss. Comforting and nourishing. And it’s always free! 


My personal mission as a pirate is to ensure to those who seek a safe, quite and peaceful space to unwind, engage in meaningful conversations, cuddle, and connect with other like-hearted souls in an environment suited for comfort and security. As a pirate, I dedicate my time and energy to make sure that everyone that enters our space will have a tea-rific time! 2. The tea house atmosphere has truly affected my life in ways i couldn't even begin to describe; I am so grateful to be apart of an organization dedicated to such a powerful cause, creating a unique space specifically for those who seek winding down, and wish to relax and enjoy a cup of tea from a varied selection of exotic and exciting blends. 3. My favorite tea is our special-tea Pirate's Blend "Truth Serum" from the taste, to the affects on the body, how it quickly decreases my anxiety and puts me in a place of confidence; being able to start conversations with strangers and feel comfortable within myself to do so. it is an overall favorite of mine, and a go to for a pick-me-up and/or a put-me-down in my opinion!! My favorite moment as a Pirate is every moment i get to witness a new smile on someone's face when offering them a fresh hot cup of tea and how happy it makes me to know that everything we do, the spaces we create, is for the enjoyment, safety, and pleasure of all of YOU!


Mollie is an ever-capable, kind-hearted, brewer of fine teas. She uses secret family recipes with a twist to spice up any scallywags cup of tea! Her approach is both practical and creative, making for a great mix. 


As a fractal pirate, fire performer, Permaculture designer and philosopher of sorts, I'm dedicated to serving the community and the environment through entertainment, education, conversation and healthy sustainable living practices. So I've found the inner-space pirates tea house of infinite compassion is the perfect place to connect and share these values with others as we create the perfect space within events for quite relaxation and lounging while conversing over some tea and sharing your dreams and passions with strangers and friends or simply connecting with your own inner space and meditating. I feel this is all very necessary for making true and lasting connections with friends at events and staying healthy and hydrated



My mission in life is to help humans learn connect to themselves, each other, and the environment. The Tea House is a way for me to live this dharma by creating places for people to find their center, build meaningful relationships, speak, and learn with others over a cup of nourishing plant-based tea. Co-creating this experience with the rest of the crew allows me to explore what it means to bring a collective vision into reality. My favorite tea is the Cacao Kava Chai we specially brewed for Spiral Future, New Years Eve 2016. I loved the calm and kind alertness that it produced in me. 


Vicki is the ultimate herb procurer, blender of exotic creations, and a compassionate loving spirit. She serves teas at all hours and truly cares about what she is offering. She brings expertise in health foods and the healing properties of herbs, and a listening ear for those with something to say. 


Danielle brings her signature arts and thoughtful designs to the tea lounge decor. Her discerning brush captures the calm within the chaos that the pirates represent. She is the master of keeping a healthy atmosphere in their spaces, ensuring respectful behavior and a sparkling environment that would make anyones momma proud. She creates beautiful sacred alters and energetically clear zones for all to enjoy.