Abe Warner Prouty (Fractaltribe, MA)
Tea Pirate, Permaculturest, Deco, Adventurer

Under careful and prolonged observation, patterns emerge from chaos, and potential solutions to challenges become clear, this is the basis for all good design.

With a passion for systems design, psychonautica, and esoteric spiritual traditions, Abe brings a unique element to Fractaltribe. Whether working on a deco team, helping with broad scale land design for festivals, or constructing social systems to ensure smooth tribe operations, Abe's novel approach make him a valuable if some what enigmatic player in the crew. He threw his first party in 2002, but earned his bones with the infamous basement parties which struck the Hartford CT's underground in the spring and summer of 2008. He has been a member of Fractaltribe since 2011, and was instrumental in setting the tribe up in there current home in Worcester MA. 

Abe's other interests include permaculture design, travel, insight meditation, elementary shamanism, basic herbalism, social systems, spicy curries, occult studies, and enjoying strong morning coffee with a touch of organic half and half. He is currently involved in ongoing permaculture projects in the Northeastern US, and the Cauca valley of central Colombia. He also founded the inner-space pirates tea house of infinite compassion, who's soul mission is to rob, pillage, and serve tea.