North American Psytrance Festival Guide 2016


North America has a large variety of psytrance festival offerings. Here you can find a complete guide to almost all 24+ hour outdoor psy festivals or ones which feature a large chunk of psytrance. The lists are broken down into 3 categories for ease of browsing: Canada, Central America, & United States. The events are posted chronologically by date in both the map & the image links below. We researched far and wide to find events all over, some which are not included in the list there are some festivals yet to be announced, young productions, and also private gatherings. 
From dark and heavy to funky and groovy, there is a style for everybody. From many thousands to a few hundred, the festivals come in all sizes. There are many geographical locations which provide unique settings for each festival. It is our pleasure to share the range of gatherings that are happening this year in our home.

Enjoy the season,  

United States Festivals

Canadian Festivals

Festivales de Centroamérica