...you were told to meet your friends in Space. The walls pulse rhythmically with fresh energy as you ascend into the abyss. You find yourself surrounded by strange creatures and animated otherworldly beings and realize soon that amid this confusion there will be no familiar faces to be found. Everywhere you look, identities are hidden by a mask, or obscured with fluorescent paint. Tonight, there are only alter ego's and fictional characters that welcome you into the mayhem.

Welcome to the Masquerade.

By the time the sun breaks free from the horizon, you will have embarked on an intricate journey into the subconscious, and a lesson will be learned. As you gaze around at the twisted faces and grotesque plastic expressions amid the crowd, you will realize that these are not strangers. Each of these characters is a mirror of your self. You are dancing with extensions of your own being. Maybe its the faces under the mask that hide our true identity, and obscure our perception of separateness. Maybe this is the way it was meant to be all along, in a place where strangers and soulmates are indistinguishable from one another. Put that in a pipe and smoke it

The Music:

in Space:
EKOPLEX *live* (Toronto/ CANADA) "Creatures of the Forest" album release party!
Aphid Moon *live* (Aphid Records / London UK)

KABAYUN *live* (2 to 6 Records/ D-A-R-K Records/NYC)
MISTRESSES OF MAYHEM (Tight Crew/Fractaltribe/NJ) goa trance
Dave Henshaw (Sonic Beating/Boston) progressive/psytech
Anya (Sonic Beating/Fractaltribe/Boston) morning full on
Ondrase (Fractaltribe/CT) psytech
Mayur and Electrik (Spectra/Psybotik/NYC) progressive
Phun Geye (MicroCosm House/Utica,NY) psydub/downtempo

under Water:
PSY-FX (Fractaltribe/DOD/Beat Forge/Electro Puslse/NH/MA) (Prog)
Bang Lee vs. Diwrecked (Beatdown/Muck/Volume/Fractaltribe/CT/MA) minimal techno
Robot Ears (Electro Pulse/Fractaltribe/CT) minimal techno/glitch
Big N Dope (Tight Crew/RI)psychedelic breaks
Huge and Jolo (Funky Communications/RI)minimal techno
LuneCell *live* (Fractaltribe/MA) psychedelic dubstep
Keith Mattar (Fractaltribe/MA) (Prog)
Julie (Fractaltribe/Brazil) progressive/techno

on Earth--outdoor chillout lounge:
DAN COVAN (Gaian Mind/NYC)
PSY-FX (Fractaltribe/DOD/Beat Forge/Electro Puslse/NH/MA) (Chill-out)
Negative Time *live* (NY/MA)
Dan the Illuminator (CT)
Prishvin Mess (Psyclone Records/Antishanti Records/Yogeybogeybox/NYC)
The Russian (DOD/Fractaltribe/MA)
Ondrase (Fractaltribe/CT)

SUBCULTURE: Trance-Dance Masquerade
a Desiderata prequel

Fractaltribe Network
in association with: Sonic Beating, Desiderata Crew, YogiBogeyBox, Electro Pulse Productions, Beatdown Productions, Funky Communications, Eskimo Kitchen
Tight Crew, Aspect Radio, Beat Forge, & D.O.D. Productions

May 14th @ Therapy
7 Dike st, Providence, RI
10pm-8am 18+

Decorations by NEPHILNINE NYC, SONIC BEATING, Fractaltribe and Electro Pulse
Lighting by Funky Communications, Eskimo Kitchen,Tight Crew, Sonic Beating, Beat Forge and Fractaltribe
Lazers by Eskimo Kitchen
Visuals by LEVITATION THEORY, GENETIC M (Aspect Radio) and LuneCell
Hookah lounge by SPIRITUAL HAZE (Worcester, MA)

Photos by Hayley Carloni

Subculture:  Trance Dance Masquerade

Photos by Aviran Levy