Subcreature (Metronome Studios, Fractaltribe, NH)


Brendan Connors, modern dub producer and mastering specialist has heavy influences from dub, electronic, and eastern music. Combining digital and analog production techniques to create surreal soundscapes, his tracks meet Fractaltribe standards. Relatively new to the electronic music culture, Subcreature took up his own audio production around 2012 and instantly had a knack. This comes to no surprise as he has over a decade of experience mixing and mastering live audio with Metronome Studios for a number of worldwide-known musicians. After a few years of singles, remixes, and collabs, Subcreature is now prepared to release his debut full length album which is a true representation of what his music is about. If you are looking for extremely refined audio production, Subcreature delivers without a moments doubt. 

Music creation compound

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Upcoming Gigs:
2016-7-8 | Fractalfest | Stephentown NY

Past Gigs:
2015.12.31 | Fractaltribe: Spiral Future | Worcester MA
2015.12.16 | Transcendant Tunes | Boston MA
2015.7.31 | Fractalfest | Stephentown NY

2014.12.31 | Fractaltribe: Year of the Fractilian | Worcester MA
2014.9.27 | Magnetic Mountain | Metronome Studios, Brookline NH
2014.8.10 | Fractalfest | Glover VT
2014.7.10 | Lostinsound presents | Good Life, Boston MA
2014.4.12 | Fractaltribe: Subculture Tribe of the Sun | Worcester MA
2014.3.25 | Lost in Boston | Boston MA