Flyer Design by Rob Dunn

Flyer Design by Rob Dunn

Fractaltribe Network

in association with: Sonic Beating, Awake Productions & Beat Forge

SUBCULTURE: a psychedelic awakening

May 8th @ Therapy 11pm7am

DOCTOR SPOOK (Geomagnetic Records, San Fransisco, CA)
INFINITE SUN (Ultra Violet Carnival, San Fransisco, CA)
MAYUR (Spectra/Psybotik, NYC)
ANYA (Sonic Beating/Fractaltribe, Boston)
Midas (Fortune 500/NH)
Goatone (Fractaltribe/NH/FL)
Ondrase (Inca Sun/Fractaltribe/Argentina)
Dave Dittmer (Sonic Beating/MA)
Bang Lee (Volume/Muck/Fractaltribe/CT)
Counter Culture (Beatforge/NH)
Alchemic (Fractaltribe/ NH)
DJ DEX (Sonic Beating/ Fractaltribe/ NH)
Jeff Leclair (Volume/RI)
Professorpious (Subliminal Sessions/Just Bass/SMGU, Boston)

18+ $15 admission
$20 admission with GeoMagnetic CD of your choice!
Chillout Breakfast 7am-8am with psychill soundtrack by Ondrase!
****sound system specially tuned by NICK BINARY for this event!!!****

Photos by Hayley Carloni

Singularity [03/14/09]

Photos by Aviran Levy

Photos by Max Galkin