Man Danigan
"The carpenter who puts his wood in it's place"

Fractaltribe is proud to introduce its most longstanding resident carpenter, Man Danigan, the carpenter who puts wood in its place. Badass enough to be the first who has branded himself with a Fractaltribe tattoo. Master woodsmith with stunning looks and silky smooth skills with his hands, this man stands at over 8ft tall if you include he size of his saw. The guy who builds structures in the middle of nowhere and makes sure djs don't fall through a floor, he is the savior of many lives. With a hammer he is crazed and unstoppable, we surely are thankful he is on our team. No matter where Fractaltribe goes, you can be sure this man, Dan, will be there with his van full of wood and tools.

Little is known about the origins of Man Danigan, but the best available records show that even while a young boy, he was putting wood in its place, deconstructing old toy boxes to fashion into his very first creations. 
We do know that Man picked up the trade of carpentry while a teenager, vowing to master the craft after a near-death experience. Finding purpose to his life, Man dedicated himself the endless task of putting wood in its place, bending even the most vigorous timbers it to his will if need be.

Unafraid of a challenge, Man Danigan is known for venturing into unknown territory, which other carpenters dared not to enter. His “if you think it, we can build it” attitude towards his craft has earned him success whether working projects with his family business, with other master carpenters, or as part of his covert “random acts of construction” projects.

Man Was introduced to the Fractaltribe through a series of events, catalyzed by his work with the Worcester Energy Barnraisers, where he was introduced to the community of artists, tradespeople, and friends known as “The Shop.” He attended his first Fractaltribe event, working a single security shift, but ended up staying the whole night, falling in love with the music, the people, and the world of psychedelic music in general. 
Ever since then Man Danigan has used his decades of carpentry experience to craft many of Stages and Art Installations in a variety of locations, from the Fractal Factory to the Fractal Forest.

Man Danigan is also an avid snowboarder, and has been a snowboarding instructor for over a decade and can be seen shredding mountains when he's not putting wood in its place.

My motto for years was the Grouch Marx line “I’d never join a club that would have me as a member”. But I’ve never met a more diverse group of cultures, talents and personalities all unified on the same goal. It has been amazing being a part of Fractaltribe, over the last few years watching the show evolve into a movement and a way of life.
— Man Danigan

Carpentry Work