Kyle Fractaltribe

Event Coordinator, Photographer, Media Coordinator, Logistics

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I first entered the electronic music and psy world simultaneously via the NH EDMA while at university, meeting a few fellow tribefolk before the days of Fractaltribe. It was at these gatherings where I really found a strong connection with the music and the people, which set me on pace to fall in love with the scene. At 19, I joined the electronic music club at university and started to understand the work necessary to put on proper psychedelic music events. Over the years I attended many of the original Fractaltribe events and naturally came to become part of the organization, filling in key roles needed as it grew. Now 8+ years later, I am dedicated to producing the highest quality family vibe events with a variety of music, decorative, & atmospheric elements.

I have through the years self taught myself the art of photography and videography to share with with world the powerful aspects of all types of psychedelic music gatherings. Always forcing myself to learn more and push my skills and understanding, my goal is to never stop learning and travel around the world helping people realize they can make positive changes in their lives by showing inspirational photos and videos of similar events.


Over the past several years, I have travelled throughout North & Central America to a variety of key landmark festivals which I believe set the standard on family vibes, music quality, atmosphere & decorative manipulation. Here are some highlights: