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Hayley Carloni has felt an unyielding fire burning internally since her earliest recollections of cognitive thought. A fire that once ignited, refuses to diffuse. A burning determination to succeed, inspire, love, and evolve - this is her focus & path. Propelled by following her bliss & intuition, Hayley's career as an artist was often discouraged in her straight-laced, academia-stressed, New England hometown. The doubt from her peers & elders only added fuel to her already raging & determined blaze. Years later, her ability to manifest visual dreams is uncontested. Hayley attended Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts where she initially pursued a degree in Film/Video Production.  It was not until late in her sophomore year that she signed up for an intro to graphic design course after being greatly encouraged by her mentors. Early in the semester, it was evident that she had a natural talent for communicating ideas & messages through this visual medium.

Hayley graduated early with honors & obtained a double major in Film/Video Production & Graphic design along with a minor in art. However, her thirst for knowledge did not cease once out of the classroom. Having a broad range of interests & skills, Hayley has worn several different hats after breaking into the industry.  Currently, Hayley resides in NYC and works as an art director/designer at a Large-scale Events & Multi-Media Creative Agency with clients in every continent of the world.

Hayley's professional experience ranges from motion graphic design, web design, typography, interface design, print design, retouching/finishing, photography, DSLR cinematography, video editing, creative directing, identity design, and illustration.  With technological advances in creative software conjunct with the state of the times making it vital for collective change and inspiration, the cosmos can quite dependably expect that Hayley can't stop & won't stop creating.

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