Fractaltribe invades Psycheground
Sullivan Room, Manhattan, NYC, USA
June 28, 2012 10pm-4am

10:00 / 11:30 - Matyas Kelemen
11:30 / 01:00 - Aaron Fractaltribe
01:00 / 03:00 - LUNECELL
03:00 / 04:00 - Artemis

This week PsYcHeGrOuND returns to city to give up the DJ booth to the FractalTribe network represented by Lunecell, Artemis, and Goatone along with a special opening set by Matyas (Reality Engine.) Lunecell, recognized for his cutting edge experimental sound, is a label artist for Occulta Records with other releases on labels such as Ektoplazm.

Lunecell (FractalTribe/Sonic Beating, RI)
Artemis (FractalTribe/Awake, MA)
Goatone (FractalTribe, MA)
Matyas (Reality Engine/Unicorn Meat, NY)

Deco by Hole Tribe (Fractal Tribe/NephilNine, RI)
Beacon in the Dark UV body painters will be here to help turn you all into glowing deco. bring black clothing to be painted live by pSyncUs Designs

*** Thursday, June 28th, 10pm – 4am *** 
@ Sullivan Room, New York City -
218 Sullivan Street (between Bleecker and West 3rd Street)

Artist Bios:
LUNECELL (FractalTribe/Sonic Beating, RI):
LuneCell is Tim Howe from Eastern United States. Psychedelic music and fractal visualizations are his specialty. He's inspired by psychedelic gatherings and the fringe culture they manifest. He's part of Fractaltribe & Sonic Beating, both Northeastern US Psytrance communities, and is currently based out of Kingston, Rhode Island.

GOATONE (Fractaltribe, MA):
Originally hailing from Tucson, Arizona, I was influenced heavily by the numerous desert parties in Central Arizona and California. Electronic music became so much a part of my life that there were days that it felt as though I couldnt breathe without it. After spending 18 partyless months deployed in Iraq and Kuwait, I managed to gather a small group of EDM enthusiasts and throw a small party at Camp Doha, Kuwait featuring DJ CB-3, long time resident at Parkbar, Milwaukee. Three years ago I moved to New England and decided to dedicate all of my time and money into creating a unique sound that would move people...and it has been downhill ever since.

ARTEMIS (FractalTribe, MA):
Diana Levy, better known as Artemis, a name she picked for herself long before attending her first party, is a woman on a mission: To make you dance, but also to make you think. Coming from a background of classical violin and vocal training, Artemis took to the wide variety of sounds within electronic music, and began to experiment with them as much as possible. As her journey evolved, so has her music and her passion to create smiles and good times wherever she plays. Recently, she has joined forces with Tight Crew, not only as one of their DJ’s, but also as head coordinator, along with support from fellow DJ and friend A$hley, for all chill rooms at their parties. This has only increased the diversity of music Artemis plays, which previously included, but was not limited to, psy trance of many kinds, electro, techno, breaks, dubstep, and house. Through these special projects and many of her other gigs, Artemis has been able to transcend cultures and reach people from all walks of life. “I feel renewed and awakened in a way that I had previously never thought possible. This music is magic; teaching the body to move, the mind to listen, and the soul to let go. I hope to help my audiences feel this same magic I feel.”

MATYAS (Reality Engine, NY)