Fractaltribe presents Fractalfest 2012
Fractal Factory, Worcester, MA, USA
September 1, 2012 10am-10am

The debut Fractaltribe underground gathering in the heart of industrial Massachusetts. A Fractaltribe fundraiser and housewarming extravaganza for our close friends and family.

daytime 10am-8pm: donations accepted
10am-noon: BlackSheep (chillout)
12-1: Cha Cha and Chuck (Guitar and vocals)
1-230: Sojourner (live electro)
230-330: Lynsey Smith (guitar and a beautiful voice)
330-4: Jway (conscious hip hop) Philly
4-5: Lost Profit$ (conscious hip hop)
5-6: illDub (dub)
6-7: Digital Vagabond (psy dub)
7-8: Pron (liquid dnb)

830-930:DiWrecked (techno)
930-1030: Robot Ears (minimal)
1030-1145: DJ EARTHIAN (techno)
1145-115: BASTINADO (Powered by Reactable)
115-230: Lunecell (dark prog)
230-345: Kabayun (Looney Moon dj set) 
345-445: Omolak (darkspsy)
445-545: Artemis (twilight/forest)
545-645: Dex (Full on)
645-8: Felipe (morning progressive)
8-9: Goatone (tribal progressive)
9-10: Ondrase (retro psy)

Sound healing workshop by 7.1 Sacred Sound @ 11am on Saturday morning
*local artist showcase
*food, expresso and juice bar provided for purchase

***in addition to the long list of festivities, this is the official birthday party for DAN COVAN. Please do not not forget to bring cake. Please do not neglect providing cake for Dan's face.***