Digital vagabond
 The art of Patrick Boyle : future media specialist: a portal to share/host high quality photos,videos and audio of all of my crafts and passions.


DigitalVagabond @ Sonic Bloom 2016

A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond is a DJ/Producer, event planner & jewelry fabricator. A connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and art culture. His moniker is derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing digital technology and cyberspace as a symbiotic interface inseparable from nature.

His individually curated dj sets have directly supported world class artists and feature unreleased tunes from many top acts from around the globe.

Patrick is also a co-manager of the widely acclaimed online music culture hub Lostinsound; the go-to site for eloquent writings and resources for the leading music and events in the intelligent electronic music community.

Upcoming Gigs:
2016-7-8 Fractaltribe presents Fractalfest, Stephentown NY

Past Gigs:
2016-6-16 Sonic Bloom, Colorado
2016-5-27 Cervantes Ballroom ft Mr. Bill, Denver, CO
2016-5-4 Sillian Charade @ Wonderbar, Boston, MA
2016-3-30 Supersillyus Album Release Party @ Cervantes Other Side, Denver, CO
2016-2-24 Kll Smith Release Party @ Cervantes Other Side, Denver, CO

2015-7-31 Fractaltribe presents Fractalfest, Stephentown NY
2015-1-3 Mr. Bugsly presents Latenight w. Govinda, Digital Vagabond @ Slake NYC

2014-12-31 Fractaltribe-Year of Fractilian @Fractal Factory,Worcester MA
2014-11-29 Funkerpump Release Party, Denver, CO
2014-10-29 Wormhole Wednesday, Oakland, CA
2014-10-7 SubMission Electronic Tuesday, Cervantes Ballroom, Denver
2014-9-27 Lostinsound & Magnetic Melt: Magnetic Mountain, NH
2014-8-2 New Mountain, Asheville, NC
2014-8-8 Fractalfest, Northeast Kingdom, VT
2014-7-24 Gratifly Music & Arts Festival, Westminster, SC
2014-7-15 Lost in Boston, Wonderbar, Boston, MA
2014-7-12 Simplexity, Brooke, ME
2014-7-10 takeover, Goodlife, Boston, MA
2014-5-10 Sorcerer's Spire, Cervantes Ballroom, Denver, Colorado
2014-4-20 Bass Oasis: The Ressurection, Boston, MA
2014-4-15 Lost in Boston @ Wonderbar, Boston, MA
2014-4-12 Fractaltribe presents Subculture: Tribe of the Sun, Fractal Factory, Worcester, MA
2014-3-14 Beyond The Void Tour, Sister, Albuquerque, NM
2014-3-11 Beyond The Void Tour, Cervantes Ballroom, Denver, CO
2014-3-4 Tortilla Flats, Dominical, Costa Rica
2014-3-2 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
2014-2-27 Tribal Alliance Retreat, San Puriscal, Costa Rica
2014-2-14 Winterwarmer, Filimore Auditorium, Denver, CO
2014-1-4 Universal Unification, The Portal, Denver, CO