Ben Vilner
lead earth Integration Coordinator

I studied environmental science with focusing on making our living space cleaner and healthier for ourselves. Simply put, I want to inspire friends, family, and others on how to care for plants and our environment, which in return nurtures us back one way or another - physically, mentally, &/or spiritually. 

Vegetables, Fruits, spices, flowers, and also indoor plants are essential to our well-being, as well as supporting the micro/macro eco-systems while doing so. 

Together we learn and educate ourselves about the true meaning of sustainable growth. It takes place through a vital component in the transformation-process towards clean and peaceful living-path – from harvesting & purifying rain water, using the earth to cool and heat our homes, to growing our own foods & using technologies to these benefits!

"May we learn to live with Earth and its forces and not on it and against it"


Ben's Sustainable World - Live and Learn