Rigging the Fractalfest 2015 Woods Stage

Behind every job that absolutely must get done professionally and on time lies a man who is willing to do anything to meet and exceed that criteria. Meet Topher Mira: eco-arborist by trade, humanitarian aid by hobby, workhorse by profession. Topher was born and raised in the heart of New England, where hard work and strong values were the native tongue. A passion for tree climbing at a young age quickly led to the a fruitful life trade, and coupled with a inherent sense of compassion, brought him to aid the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina victims in the summer of 2005. An interest in alternative energies led to a focus on biodiesel, and bloomed into his Biodiesel Kenya project in 2013. A peculiar drive towards getting his hands dirty in the electronic music scene began in 1999 with the Columns of Knowledge deco committee and eventually led him to us here at Fractaltribe. Here, he assists us with rigging, festival chainsaw tasks, and general morale boosting and motivational gestures. Topher's crown achievement for the Fractilians can still be found on display in the Fractal Factory today: the rigging of the infamous sun spiral.


Topher has been a part of the Fractaltribe crew since the very beginning of the Fractal Factory but his contributions can indeed be traced even farther back.
In the days before Fractaltribe, Topher was adventuring in Alaska. After Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana , Topher jumped in his truck and drove all the way down to New Orleans to join the relief effort. Topher then settled in New Orleans and started a business, before meeting a mysterious backpacker traveling the country. They quickly bonded over their love of electronic music and became fast friends. Topher later settled back in his homeland of Massachusetts, to help build a fledgling community of artisans and engineers now known as ‘The Shop.’ It was shortly after this that the same mysterious traveler visited Topher, and suggested that Fractaltribe move into the building.

Upon Fractaltribe’s arrival to the shop Topher quickly got his hands dirty, combining his skills learned as an Eco Arborist with those gained doing deco work for raves in the late 90’s to tackle Fractaltribe’s most ambitious stage designs to date. 
Topher has remained a steady contributor to Fractilian efforts, assisting in tasks ranging from chainsaw work, to rigging, morale support and beyond!

When he’s not working with Fractaltribe, Topher can be found running the day to day operations of his Eco-Arborist business, working on his Biodiesel Kenya project, riding his dirtbike, and climbing ice walls in the winter.

TOPHER in action