Noel Weatherbee

Teahouse . Yoga . Sustainability

Noël has been an essential part of the Tribe for the past few years, teaming up in order to be a part of the creation of a new movement in the northeast. Her presence during all aspects of production is both grounding and energizing. Noël is not only passionate about art and music, but also about health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. She has found that these elements naturally blend together through many aspects of her life. At Fractaltribe, she integrates these passions into events through her two major roles, which include guiding yoga practices and managing The Inner-space Pirates Teahouse of Infinite Compassion tea lounge areas. She and her partner Ben (who met at Fractal Fest 2014!) recently purchased land in Western Mass to pursue sustainable living, and they both consult the Green Team on efforts such as Leave-No-Trace. True to Fractilian form, Noël has a diverse taste for music, loving any number of styles from chill-out to psytrance, hypnotic techno to deep bass, funk to jambands, classic rock, and everything in between. At our events you can find her teaching yoga, serving tea, and grooving on the dancefloor.