Thank you for a wonderful Fractalfest 2016!

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Click image for photos by  Kyle Fractaltribe

Click image for photos by Kyle Fractaltribe

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Click image for photos by Firstname Lastname Photography

Click image for photos by  Andrey "The Kid" Trofimov

Click image for photos by Andrey "The Kid" Trofimov

Photos by Adrian Feliciano -  Friday  /  Saturday  /  Sunday

Photos by Adrian Feliciano - Friday / Saturday / Sunday


A lush woodland playground centrally located in the northeast region on the border of Massachusetts & New York.
30 minutes from Albany
1.5 hours from Worcester, MA
2.5 hours from NYC, Boston, Providence & Syracuse
3 hours from Burlington, VT
4 hours from Montreal, Philly, Portland
6 hours from Toronto & Washington DC
7.5 hours from Pittsburgh
12 hours from Asheville, NC

We are proud to announce that Fractalfest will take place from July 8-10, 2016! We thank the entire community from attendees, crew, musicians, artists, and all others for making these events a reality and continuing to grow with us. It is our mission to provide the most comprehensive and comfortable festival experience possible, focusing on community vibes and healthy stimuli. 
Fractalfest is a living breathing entity, interaction and participation is key to get the most out of the experience. This event exists from dozens of people choosing to be active and participate in its creation and make a unique environment. Our goal is to inspire people to make positive changes in their life by making a variety of creative outlets available to experience.

Thank you for an amazing Fractalfest 2015!!


Fractalfest 2016 Minimix Series

What to Expect

Fractalfest is a 3 day community based psychedelic electronic music festival which seeks to bring together a unison of quality people who can express themselves and explore their atmosphere. The atmosphere is curated by the Fractal Tribe and is the result of many years worth of research on what makes an event like this feel deeply comfortable for all involved. 

Musically, Fractaltribe promotes a niche variety of electronic music and is displayed with a specific flow to compliment the time of day and feeling we want to convey. This year, we will host a full production stage featuring a variety of 4/4 styles ranging from Psytrance (of all styles), techno, chillgressive, downtempo, etc. We will also be premiering a second main music area which features a high level of production that focusing on non 4/4 time signatures such as IDM, deep dubstep, DnB, (psy)breaks, and more. Furthermore, we will be providing a full chill out area with chill and ambient music for those moments that decompression is needed.

Artistically, Fractaltribe creates all new stage designs and supporting art to realize a fully immersive concept which is implemented throughout the festival. Expect fun live interactive art and games for kids and adults. In the more abstract art sense, Tamara's fine art gallery was largely inspirational and we are proud to announce that she will once again be curating an abstract art gallery! We are introducing a highly exciting aspect, fractalQuest, a choose your own adventure/live action role playing / puzzle- and riddle-solving extravaganza which aims to get the user to go on a unique adventure and interact in an entirely new way.

Camping is under a lush canopy of trees which provide lots of shade and a comfy pine needle ground, barefoot friendly as we like to call it. High importance is placed on keeping a clean environment and self responsibility. Part of what makes Fractaltribe events special is the clean vibe, take care of all your own trash / recycling. Everything you bring into the festival, take it back into your vehicle (cans, wrappers, tents, everything). We promote mindfulness and respect in all actions, do not make decisions which will make others have to take care of you. Be sure to bring all the clothing, water and food you need (there will be a restaurant open on site during daytime and some night hours) to stay comfortable.

 "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi