Elena Rodgers

Volunteer Coordinator


It all started when...

Elena, with her unyielding passion for creating fun filled festival adventures, decided to use her right brain to coordinate wandering hippies. Over time her skills have evolved to include her left brain which has transcended the volunteer community into one which fosters bonding, friendships & impactful experiences.
Joining Fractalfest in 2016, the match is a perfect fit as both she and Fractaltribe are pushing forward in their own way, focusing on the user experience. Self motivated and passionate, Elena has the quintessential Fractilian spirit in order to create a magical gathering.

In her spare time Elena enjoys:
-Getting wild and turning into her alter ego, "Bailanda"
-Eating grapes from her own personal assistants while she drives maniacally through festivals on her designated golf cart.
-Late night skinny dipping in the warm summer ocean
-Popn'Lockin' and dropping dat ass loww low low.