DRYAD [Omveda Records | Psylicious | Radial Engine Tribe | Fractaltribe / NJ]

Dryad is Maja Gaia, currently based out of upstate New York. She began DJing under the name Mistress Jade in 2004, however, her sound has evolved over the years.  As she became enchanted by darker, more atmospheric sounds, Dryad was born.

Her sets can best be described as both driving and ethereal, exploring various moods and states of mind as the set progresses. She views DJing as storytelling and loves to take the dance floor on a journey through the lands of mystical forests and ancient folklore, sharing her favorite tales through the dark, organic sounds of forest psychedelic trance. 

Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/psydryad
Website: www.psydryad.com