Dana Seaver

Completely taken from the Couchsurfing website; we now know this about this elusive creature:

-He can be easily bribed with a good conversation and bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon or good beer. Loves to travel, explore and dancing till the sun rises.
-He believes we should do what you love cause it might turn into your day job.
-He is a proud Bostonian, loves local music and supports it as much as possible.
-His interests include: Traveling/Road Tripping, Art/Design, Music (psytrance, drum and bass,IDM, Dubstep, House, Breakbeat, etc.) Soccer, Racing/driving in Boston, Food & Wine, Denim, Cultural Anthropology, Hooping, Swimming, Event Planning...
-He has in fact visited Sweden.
-1 person has vouched for him on Couchsurfing.