Uprise Audio Takeover, Boston, 11.13.15

Uprise Audio Takeover, 11.13.15, Boston MA

Flyer Design by DigitalVagabond aka  Pat Boyle

Flyer Design by DigitalVagabond aka Pat Boyle


The one and only Terraphom aka Tovia Shapiro has teamed up with deep bass event crew Drown to throw an Uprise Audio Takeover at 49 Social in Downtown Boston for a Friday the 13th special. This event Features the likes of international heavyweights Seven (UK), Foenix (UK), Ubduhu (UK), LSN Live (UK), & local hero AxH (Boston), all hosted by Joe Raygun (Uprise Audio, UK). Prepare yourselves for deep uk dubstep from 10pm-2am.

Furthermore to make this evening even better is the addition of 4 regional artists who will be displaying and working on their various art pieces. They are Fractilian favorites, art extraordinaires, and professional goobers, Chase Hanna, Mary Murph, Alyssa Woodcock & Kai Griffiths! Be sure to take funny face selfies with them throughout the night.


Seven (Uprise Audio, Tempa, UK)

Feonix (Uprise Audio, UK)

Indiji (Uprise Audio, UK)

LSN (live) (Uprise Audio, UK)

AxH AxH (Tempa, Wheel&Deal, Sub.Mission) - Boston

Joe Raygun (Uprise Audio, UK)

A tattoo artist originating from the rurals of Connecticut, Chase has cultivated relations throughout New England over the years as well as a few distant regions of the country. His personal work is primarily an emotion based abstraction of the photonic realm. Inspired by the most ancient of cultures while simultaneously being motivated through modern technological pursuits; Chase works within a melting pot of mediums that is ever growing from living flesh, decorative glass paintings and furniture fabrication to functional utility prototypes.  For the sake of sustainability, Chase has continued to re purposeglass and other usable material that would otherwise be deemed garbage at the mercy of various corporations and construction companies. Through this randomized pallet he orchestrates symmetry and organization through patience and an open mind. The majority of his creative process revolves around the design of the microverse and how it translates into human perspective and the latter. Art is essential to our evolution if we wish to be effective in the realms of innovation and change. Without stretching our imagination beyond its limits there is no hope for improvement.

An engineer of imagination, Mary Murph is a New England native studio artist and live painter who uncovered the creative outlet of painting in her early years. Seeking to articulate the ineffable, the dark interstices of dreams and what may lurk in those fabled precincts, beneficent or inimical, her main focus in art has always been to make her audience ask questions and revel in the unknown. Her work brings a contemporary and often dark twist to surrealism and transcendentalism – honoring the complexities, simplicities, and dualities of the worlds we inhabit, nebular environments where forms are summoned to speak from the chaos. Working in oil, acrylic, and watercolors, each piece she spawns seems to come together unplanned, allowing her visions to nestle into their new homes on the canvas. She finds inspiration in bizarre occurrence, oddities, and all things eldritch, uncharted, and unanswered.


Alyssa Woodcock Visual Creations

Alyssa Woodcock, originally from Mount Vernon, ME, currently lives and works out of Worcester, MA. She works predominantly with oil paints on canvas, and enjoys playing with inks and acrylics when the mood strikes her. Her work tends more towards the dark side, with her conceptual focus being on emotive and dramatic portraits (both animal and human) with twists of surrealism and impressionism.

Her artistic dual-personality makes itself known when she paints
writhing dark female figures followed by bright colorful flowers. In her mind, art should reflect life, and life is both macabre and ethereal. Alyssa has been performance painting for three years across the country. She has been honored to work side by side with a great many talented artists. She enjoys creating amidst the energy and noise of festivals and concerts. As Pablo Casals said “The greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life.


The Artwork of Kai Griffiths

     Legend has it that Kai was born in an Icelandic longhouse on a stormy night, paintbrush in hand and a smirk on his face.
     His lifelong foray into the art world spans many styles, drawing influence early on from graffiti and indigenous artwork from the global south, hybridizing the urban and the shamanic. 
     Kai has dedicated himself to artful living, Pouring his energy into transformative projects, bending the mundane of everyday life into something extraordinary, whether it be co-founding the Art Gallery/Craft /Mineral Dealer Funky Stuff or working with Worcester officials to promote murals creation in his hometown.
    This outlook towards art, combined with a “lets do it” attitude has spawned numerous collaborations with other notable artists, businesses, and community groups, and a plethora of live painting appearances across music festivals and shows across the Northeast.  His more current pieces continue to push the boundaries of the human mind by creating a unique form of art which encompasses Transcendentalism, Surrealism, Geometric Form, and Representationalism.

Hosted by:


Terraphorms True Phorm

49 Social
49 Temple Pl.
Boston, MA