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Photo of Adrian Feliciano by Chelsea Serraino

Photo of Adrian Feliciano by Chelsea Serraino

Adrian Feliciano is an in-demand, highly respected Boston based professional photographer specializing in fire and flow photography, event photography, portrait photography, and photojournalism. He is a valued addition to the Fractaltribe team, bringing an enthusiasm and knowledge that aligns wonderfully with the rest of the Tribe. His experience with fast-paced low-light event photography, environmental portraiture, and photojournalism brings an intuitive and reactive ability to capture those fleeting moments, giving his photography a bold energy and ethereal quality that stands alone.  

Always on the go, Adrian Feliciano has volunteered his documentary skills as a photographer and as an assistant videographer for Wildfire Retreat in Ashford, CT; left Massachusetts and went on the road with Ohio's Echo Mecca in October 2015 as their exclusive tour photographer; covered events with our friends in 4orce ProductionsLove Tribe, and Subterra's weekly EDM night; and stalked flow-artists at the Electric Haze. Never happy to be placed in a box, he branched out this year into fine-art photography, and recently returned to his dark musical roots to photograph legendary death-metal bands Hate Eternal and Vital Remains at the Worcester Palladium and electro-industrial veterans Velvet Acid Christ at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA.  As a compassionate interviewer, Adrian is currently embarking on a series of video profiles of the Tribe to create a new way to tell each person's story. 

Staying busy does not phase Adrian as his production rate is at a startlingly high level; his enthusiasm is infectious and gets the rest of the crew excited and ambitious to keep advancing with their own projects. He is always willing to discuss photography, and give pointers to anyone who asks, even when in the middle of covering one of Fractaltribe's crazy events.

To commission photography coverage of an event, a sit-down promotional photo/video session with interview, a story to be told, or for help creating an awesome set of images for a portfolio, Adrian Feliciano is currently lurking the Boston area, and can be contacted via his webpage..

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